Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


How often do I have to recharge my credit?

At least once every 12 month. The deadline is 364 days after your last recharge. If the SIM card is not recharged in time, it will be deactivated and there is no possibility of getting it reactivated at a later stage. Any remaining credit will be lost.


I am at the 12th month since my last recharge and my SIM doesn’t connect to the network anymore. Why?

Many SIM cards go to stand-by at the 12th month of the last recharge. In order to get to a normal functionality you simply need to recharge your credit. Even 5 € are enough.


I don’t have a paypal account. Is it possible to pay via credit card or bank collection?

Yes: As soon as you will be prompted to the paypal billing system, you will have the possibility to select a different payment method (at the bottom right side)


Will the SIM be recharged directly or will I receive a recharge code?

The SIM will be recharged directly. Therefore it is crutial to insert the correct phone number.


When are the recharges performed?

The guaranteed processing time is from 9:00 – 23:00 C.E.T.


When is the recharged credit at available on my airtime credit?
This depends on the processing time of the systems and the workload.
Generally, we have a span of 30 minutes up to 3 hours.
Therefore, we suggest to recharge your credit one day before the planned usage in order to avoid shortages.


What happens if I recharge a non existing or deactivated number?

The transaction will be blocked automatically and the sum fully refunded.
However, if you recharge an existing but wrong number, the transaction will be completed and the number recharged.
In this case it is not possible to get a refund.


What shall I do if a recharge has not been performed and I have not received a notification?

Please forward us the transaction email of your recharge and our support team will take care of your case.